Keith Christmas

Between 1969 and 1974 Keith Christmas recorded 5 vinyl albums, played 3 tracks on David Bowie’s first album and was booked for the first ever Glastonbury festival.

He released his latest CD ‘Crazy Dancing Days’ in December 2016 - early versions of 8 songs that were posted on the internet have been played over 47,000 times, 14,000 of them an appeal for tolerance to refugees, ‘Cross the Water’. All this without any publicity machine, minimal live gigs and no airplay


“Keith Christmas first gained recognition for his guitar playing on several songs (including Letter To Hermione) on David Bowie’s 1969 Space Oddity album, and for his own debut Stimulus, released the same year. This album’s title track – a companion piece to fellow-traveller Steve Tilston’s The Road When I Was Young, casts an eye back to those heady times, when: “Les Cousins, Soho, was the place to be…” This album, however, is far from an exercise in misty-eyed nostalgia. Inspired to start writing again in 2015, Christmas delivers a dozen new, politically-charged songs which are fully in the present.

“Cross The Water is an impassioned plea for the acceptance of refugees. When The New Man Comes To Power chants a litany of current societal ills – wealthy tax avoiders, food banks, zero hours contracts, etc, and If The Young Don’t March asserts the right to clean air and water.

“Talking To The Dead Again evokes the structures and dexterous acoustic picking of Michael Chapman, while Christmas’s strident vocals on songs like Flow Through Me recall the grit and growl of Free’s Paul Rogers. A true solo record (just one voice and guitar throughout) this is nonetheless a varied album which ranges from the urgent bottleneck boogie of Cover It Up, to the gently melodic closer Small Brass Box. A powerful and impassioned album by a ’60s survivor with a bellyful of righteous fire. ”
Steve Hunt  fRoots Magazine – March 2017


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Keith Christmas
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