Although a relatively new name on the folk scene, Kelter (Davey Slater and Graham Knibbs) are, firmly seated as a well accomplished couple within the musical world. With their all encompassing genres, they cover and perform an exciting combination of ‘World Music’ ranging from; Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Spanish, Gypsy, Swing, Jazz, Celtic.

Both draw on a background, of years of experience, performing in and working with such bands/acts as;
Davey – Brandywine Bridge, Pavanne, Phoenix, Celtic Capers (Present) / Graham – Masquerade (Playford) Fat Tuesday, Sur Les Docks, Celtic Capers (Present).

Instrumentation includes; Guitar, Fiddle, Viola, Mandola, Melodeon, Vocals.

Between them, they have performed in many countries, including; France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Africa, India, Belize, Falklands and many more.

From these worldly experiences, Kelter Duo, provide a unique presentation of, Cultural, Edifying, Entertaining, Driving, Powerful material, often with humorously linked anecdotes.