Matt Quinn

Matt is a timeless musician. I could very well have played with someone twice or three times his age and learned less." - Tom Wright (PBS6)

"Matt Quinn is an old head on a young body. His music is rooted in the English Folk tradition, and his interpretation includes influences from many contemporary sources. A solid and talented musician." - Gareth Kiddier (The Watch, Polkaworks)

"A very nice young man" - Dr Vic Gammon

 "Matt Quinn is a dedicated young melodeon player who stands out from the current crop. His decision to stick with Hohner at first seems like a brave one but as soon as you hear his style it makes perfect sense. I was left with a feeling of completeness and a sense that English melodeon is in safe hands" - Saul Rose (Whapweasel, Random) 

"Matt Quinn is the leading light for the next generation of quintessentially English melodeon players" - Simon Care (Edward II, Tickled Pink)

"Matt is the most original and fun traditional style English melodeon player for a generation, ask his peers. Hohner power!" - Simon Ritchie

"It seems unfair that one of England's best young box players can not only hold his own on the mandolin but make it sound like a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Will Taylor." - James Fagan

"One of the most exciting young fiddle players in the country" - Paul Burgess (The Old Swan Band)


Event Details
Pete Coe
The Big Squeeze
With:  Kendrick - Needham & Matt Quinn & Simon Care
15th Aug 2017 at 5:00pm
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The Twagger Band
Concert- Up from Sussex
With:  Ben Paley & Tab Hunter & Greg Harper & Matt Quinn
16th Aug 2017 at 5:00pm
Tickets: £9 Event tickets on sale now
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