Mike Nicholson

 Mike Nicholson is one of those remarkable singers who manages to create an immediate and loyal following everywhere he goes. This is due in large part to his unrestrained passion for what he loves doing the most - singing good songs! He draws his audience to him through an unassuming approach which only asks that the listener might share his love of singing and of the songs. 

Mike performs a wide spectrum of material, and generally speaking, it's material that has something to say. From his early acting days, he's retained an enthusiasm for utilising any format which can tell a story or which might stimulate the intellect. Through his singing, many audiences would agree, he's found the vehicle that suits him best.


Event Details
Hartley Singers
The Great Big Singalong
With:  Kendrick - Needham & Mike Nicholson & Peter Collins
17th Aug 2017 at 8:00pm
Tickets: £8 Event tickets on sale to Friends of Folk Week from 1st February; on general sale from 1st May