Sam Jefferson

Already making himself known on the Blues and Folk music scenes, Sam Jefferson is not afraid to challenge expectations with a playing style that is as dynamic as the stories and ideas he sings about. In his debut solo album Rhythms’ Tide, ‘Jefferson’s musical knowledge and poetic sensitivity echo from one track to another as he alternates moods with equal instrumental dexterity and vocal poise’ (Brighton Unsigned). During, what Sam has dubbed, his “finger-tearing foot-stomper” numbers, his playing has been compared to the percussive fingerpicking style of Bert Jansch, while his more mellow compositions exhibit a sensibility to the demands of a song, creating space for reflection.

 Known in particular as a skilled slide guitarist, composer, and arranger, the young musician’s live shows do justice to the diversity of his repertoire.  His first visit to Folk Week in 2016 proved that he was worthy of a return invitation for 2017.

‘Sam Jefferson offers a sound that invites the listener on an introspective journey…His interpretation of William Blake’s ‘The Angel’ sounds like the perfectly natural complement to a poem already charged with spiritual emotion…’ (Jean-Marc Pascal, Brighton Unsigned).