Swift Nick

Swift Nick are: Benammi Swift, Pete Bullock, Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham. They are a unit set up in an attempt to close up the generation gap between the oldiesand the newbiesactivity within the folk revival period of the last 50 years or so reflecting mainly the Derbyshire and Midlands regions.

16 year old Benammi Swift is the son of Tufty Swift who tragically left this earth’s mortal coil in the year of Benammi’s birth and was one of the most influential musicians in the new wave of English Country Dance Music that swept the folk world from about the early 70’s up to the present time.

Also a fine singer, Tufty was a co-driving force behind the celebrated ‘Umps and Dumps’ along with the mighty John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris, Derek Pierce and John Tams.

Benammi is the epitome of the ‘chip of the old block’ (which also happens to be the name of a women’s morris side that Tufty played for, for many years) in every way and despite the fact that, sadly, he never really knew his dad, has blossomed into a formidable melodeon player and multi-musician in his own right – carrying on the legacy.

Keith and Sylvia’s and Pete Bullock’s multi-farious on going association and friendship with all of these people over the years provides a fine resource for such a noble project.

The intention is to pay homage to Tufty’s mammoth yet, relatively under-sung contribution to the genre, also adding material influenced by or drawn from him and a few other historic giants of the locality such as: the great Roy Harris and Roger Watson & Colin Cater whilst at the same time pushing forward with newer material and innovative musical ideas from all kinds of sources involving song, dance music and set pieces

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Bob Fox
With:  Bernard Hoskin & Swift Nick
13th Aug 2017 at 8:00pm
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