Friends of Folk Week

Friends of Folk Week

If you are not already a Friend of Folk Week and would like to become one, just download the application pdf here, fill it in and send it off – or give us a call and we will send you an application.

A single annual membership is £25 and for a couple it's £40.

Priority Booking

Once you are a Friend you will be eligible to take advantage of Priority booking, as well as all the other benefits associated with the scheme.

Priority Booking for Friends is a runaway success. Friends are sent details of the evening concerts line-up and given the chance to book before the single event tickets were made available later for general booking.

Further details on Priority Booking

Book early for the headline acts!

This gives our loyal supporters the opportunity to buy individual tickets for all the concerts in the main marquee and some other events before general booking opens in May.  Some of you might like to buy tickets for some of the headline concerts that we know will sell out immediately – and that’s not just marketing speak.

So, how many tickets can I get?

Single membership entitles you to purchase two tickets per concert, if you have a joint membership you may buy four per concert. Please note that the seats are not reserved, so make sure that you are in good time for the beginning of each concert.

Already a friend?

If you are already a Friend, then you will have been sent details of this offer – if you haven’t – please let us know!

Why does Broadstairs Folk Week need Friends?

What? All those people in the town and Folk Week doesn’t make a smacking great profit every year?

Well no actually, we are really happy that Broadstairs Folk Week brings thousands of people to the town – long may that continue – but many of them do not contribute to the festival at all – maybe if we charged £5 to come into Broadstairs we wouldn’t need Friends!

However, most arts organisations – from the Royal Opera House downwards need a Friends Organisation. Broadstairs Folk Week is no exception. The festival has to raise funds from a wide variety of sources – the local authority, the Arts Council, the County Council, commercial sponsors, lottery tickets, merchandising, collecting tins and of course, Box Office revenue.

Local Community

The benefits of a strong Friends’ organisation is more than financial – it sends a message to all of our funders that this festival is deeply cared about by the local community, as well as by the thousands of people who come every year from around the world.

What does Folk Week do for Broadstairs?


The festival attracts thousands of visitors who spend, spend, spend in the restaurants, pubs and shops.

The festival brings a fantastic line-up of musicians, singers, dancers to the town, using every available venue – you just can’t miss the vibrant atmosphere and party spirit throughout the whole week.

Many of the events are free – to the audience.

Why should you become a Friend?

If you love Folk Week and want it to continue as it is - one of the few remaining festivals held in a town as opposed to in an enclosed green field site, then please support us. Maybe you’re one of the local people who invite your friends and family down for the week to enjoy the festival and the atmosphere in the town? Please support us.

See you at Folk Week!

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Folk Week in August – singing, dancing, playing or just listening, watching and enjoying.