The Workforce is so important to Folk Week – the festival just wouldn’t happen without the input of so many volunteers, so we really appreciate you giving up your time to help us create a brilliant event. In 2016, there were over 250 volunteers who made Folk Week a huge success.


Another great thing about the volunteers is that you can be anything from 18 to 80 – and the mix of the generations is one of the great strengths of the festival. Please let us know if you have any special skills (not your swimming certificate!) but technical, stage management ,sales person or just all round practical genius – the more we know the better we can place you somewhere useful.

Benefits to you

In return for just 35 hours a week you will have the opportunity to explore this amazingly diverse festival, plus free camping and access to sessions and amenities at the campsite - something which would normally cost at least £245 pounds. (Adult, non-concession weekly season ticket price with early booking discount)

Plus, you become part of a team which is like an extended family. Many firm, lifelong friendships - (and not a few romantic attachments of varying duration!) - have been forged between volunteers during Broadstairs Folk Week. A testament to how much fun volunteering can be is the number of volunteers who now return every year to see their mates.  Some volunteers have been coming back every year for decades!

On arrival as a volunteer you will be checked in at the campsite office, given your camping pass - if you need one - and a welcome pack which includes:

- a working programme; (bring your own highlighter and spend happy hours deciding which performances and workshops you can squeeze in!)

- a rota; detailing the shifts you will be working. 

- badge, this is your formal identification as a member of  the Broadstairs Folk Week team and serves as a pass into performances and workshops.

- A stylish yellow t-shirt;  this must-have fashion icon makes you instantly recognisable to the public as part of our volunteer force and therefore you will automatically be expected to be cheerful, friendly and extremely knowledgable on all sorts of subjects!

We will always try to give you shifts which reflect your interest and experience, but some compromises will inevitably need to be made.

How to apply for 2017

The 2017 workforce form is available to download here, so start telling your friends what fun it is to volunteer and be part of the festival!

If you have any queries, you can email us

 So, if you are going to ‘do’ a festival in 2017, make sure it’s Broadstairs - you won’t be disappointed.