Ben Paley

At 6 years old, Ben began playing the fiddle. When he was 9, his family  moved from England to North Carolina, where he learned about harmony, improvisation, and playing nicely with others; and where he had the privilege of studying with Nashville musician Jim Buchanan (who’s played with everyone from Jim & Jesse to The Doors).

Three years later Ben returned to England and discovered Swedish fiddle music and punk rock.

Since then he has found time to play and record with such people as Damon Albarn, Michael Nyman poet Murray Lachlan Young, The Levellers ,The Saw Doctors and Fay Hield and the Hurricane Party.

Currently he’s working solo, performing and teaching various sorts of traditional fiddle music as well as singing songs, mostly from his father’s repertoire; with Laura Hockenhull and Dan Stewart as the Long Hill Ramblers, The Servant’s Ball,, the New Deal String Band; with old-time banjo-player and singer Sara Grey and her son, singer and guitarist Kieron Means; with Belfast-born singer-songwriter Dan Donelly and in English dance band The Sussex Pistols, amongst other things.


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