Intarsia is Jo May and Sarah Matthews who have worked together since 2018, combining voice, violin, viola, octave fiddle, tenor guitar, balafon and a whole range of other percussion instruments. Reflecting the diverse meanings of Intarsia – a blend of textures in textiles and wood craft, the duo create an intricate blend of patterned musical sounds using a variety of wooden instruments and voice, inspired by English songs, European dance tunes, West African rhythms and more.

Jo (Against the Grain, Stepling, Token Women) and Sarah (Cupola, Moirai, Cross o’th Hands)  craft new melodies, investigate unusual time signatures, explore innovative combinations of instruments, and cross boundaries of style and genre.

“What a joy! Together they breathe new light and playfulness into great tunes and songs, whether traditional or newly composed and these ladies’ compositions stand tall.” Karen Tweed, accordionist, composer

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