Keith Donnelly

Keith Donnelly – stand-up comic, fall-down comedian, surreal snigger-songwriter, guitar-hero, performance-artist,[tall] story-teller, scriptwriter, [none can] compere, man-of-mystery, inner-childminder, actor, stuntman, metaphysical-poet, human ping-pong ball, life and soul of the [kids] party, world-class athlete,
leading socialite, raconteur, business tycoon, wit, author, half-wit, secret[sh!]-agent, [Vauxhall] astral-traveller, shaman,  Geordie-cultural-attache, word-juggler,
snake-charmer, underline-dancer, unexpected clairvoyant, dream-weaver, daydream believer, psycho-linguist, shark-wrangler, smile sculptor,
[compulsive] lying-tamer, Great-British eccentric, [alleged] international-jewel-thief, hot-dog-skier, alien-abductee, Zen grand-master, champion tiddly-winker, sand dancer, friend to the pantomime horse….you have been warned.

Dates Appearing

CR3 Shantyskeptic

Crampton Museum The Broadway, Broadstairs, Kent, United Kingdom

Worldwide Folk Festival favourite, Keith Donnelly (‘the funniest thing to happen to folk music since the banjo!’) has written, parodied, pastiches, and more or less mangled, about three dozen shanties […]

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