Milton Hide

Milton Hide (AKA Jim and Josie Tipler) live at near the South Downs of East Sussex but musically their influences are eclectic – traditional folk music of the British Isles, indy, blues, pop and country are all in the mix. What comes out are memorable, expertly-crafted songs featuring Josie’s pure lead vocal, 2-part harmonies, beautifully judged guitar and clarinet accompaniment as well as percussion. Telling stories through original song, Milton Hide have been described as “reminiscent of the Moody Blues” (Living Tradition), “a touch of Fleetwood Mac” and “vintage Steeleye” (Spiral Earth).

Jim and Josie’s songs are inspired the landscapes, local legends and amazing people they have come across whilst touring over the last few years. At times heartbreaking, at times wry, a Milton Hide performance always engages, entertains and charms an audience, leaving them wanting more.

“…so subtle and easy is the music that you don’t realise the stiletto has arrived until it’s slid in” 

RnR Magazine

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