Tin Giants

Tin Giants take a refreshing “in with the old, in with the new” approach to interpreting, writing, arranging and performing traditional, contemporary and original music inspired by European acoustic and folk traditions.

The band shares decades of skilled musicianship and award-winning songwriting, playing a dazzling array of instruments. The line-up brings together former members of folk-rock band Shave the Monkey, which was an established name on the European folk scene for 20 years. They have since been making music in a multitude of projects including the late Judy Dyble’s Band of Perfect Strangers and the Boxwood Chessmen.

Bryan Causton – Guitars, bass, mandolin, bouzouki, cittern, keyboards, percussion, vocals

Duncan Moss – Hurdy gurdies, bagpipes, flute, saxophones, rauschpfeife, keyboards, oboe, vocals

Fran Broady – Violins, harp, vocals

John Campbell Armer – Guitars, basses, bass pedals, synths, percussion, vocals

Martin Lindridge – Drums, percussion, congas, cajon, bass, vocals

Penni McLaren Walker – Lead vocals, guitars, whistles, keyboards, percussion

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