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TRÚ is a folk trio from Northern Ireland. Inspired by the Ulster song tradition, TRÚ creates music drawing on an eclectic musical heritage. From Gaelic sean nós to Appalachian ballads to Scots poetry, the band’s song selection relies on the melodic and lyrical calibre of songs that stand the test of time. Dónal Kearney, Zach Trouton and Michael Mormeca, all seasoned artists in their own right, all with distinct backgrounds; Irish nationalist, Ulster-Scots, and British-Ukrainian.
Their different upbringings only enhance the trio’s musical conversation as they are united by a passionate appreciation of the folk material they perform. Their mesmerising live show has exposed TRÚ’s vulnerability in performance, the craft of their arrangements and the sheer power of their storytelling. There is nothing traditional about TRÚ except the songs themselves.
No Fixed Abode (2020) is TRÚ’s début album, a blend of traditional songs from Ireland and Britain with original works based on folklore both local and not-so-local. The band is the product of a troubled time in Ulster’s long-running saga. While Brexit rages and flags flutter delicately along the border, TRÚ’s message tells of a self-aware Northern Ireland. This is folk music for 21st century Ulster. It acknowledges a sensitive history while refusing the troubled legacy of received identities. For TRÚ, tradition is a creative process, not a limiting one. In these times of cultural uncertainty, their sound is extraordinary, open and defiant.
“Stunning!” – Sam Lee, Mercury Award nominee & BBC Radio 2 Folk Award winner
“A treat and a pleasure. Absolutely amazing!” – Moya Brennan, Clannad

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