Windjammer are a trio who cast timeless stories in a context of their own making. They blend self-penned songs and instrumentals with original, genre-bending arrangements of music drawn from the traditions of British folk. Turning unflinchingly from soft, delicate emphasis to shoulder-rolling grind, and from light harmonies to prog-infused instrumentalism, they have a habit of keeping audiences surprised and engaged with ever-changing soundscapes. Their debut album, ‘Awaken’ (produced by Sean Lakeman), showcases and expands this palette in a studio context.

The band, comprised of Jake Sonny Rowlinson, Jeremy Bunting and Fran Rowney, the three met whilst performing at the same venues around Plymouth,forming Windjammer in 2015.

Their creative approach to traditional and original material blends vocals, guitar, whistles, accordion, synthesiser and percussion in arrangements that are both adventurous and considered.

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