Support Folk Week by joining our 200 Club

How to join the 200 club?

In order to participate, you will need to commit to a monthly subscription of £5 (£60 per year), and, in return, you will be entered into a draw for cash prizes.  

We are aiming to get at least 200 members of the 200 Club (hence the name!)

How does the 200 club work?

Each month we draw 3 numbers, for the monthly draw, each August we also hold the draw for the grand prize.

If we reach 200 members, we will be able to offer 3 monthly prizes of £150, £90 & £60 and a grand annual prize of £2,400; the more members that join, the more potential prizes. So, if we are lucky enough to get 400 members, then we will offer 4 monthly prizes of £240, £144, £120 and £96 and a grand total prize of £4,800! 

How will the money be shared?

Half of the money that comes in to the 200 Club will go into Folk Week funds and will help enormously in keeping the festival going.  

Why has Folk Week launched a 200 Club?

We hope you agree with us that Folk Week is a much-loved festival that is important to the town and brings much joy and economic benefit to the area. Every year, as a registered charity, Folk Week has to raise funding in order to make it happen and the 200 club is another way of helping to make sure that the festival is still part of our lives for many years to come!

If you are interested and want to learn more, please send an email to: or visit and we will email you the 200 Club rules and an application form. Or you can download the pdf to send in. 

The 200 Club is not limited to friends and supporters of Folk Week, so please feel free to tell your friends and family – the more members, the bigger the prizes and more support that Folk Week will get. 

Here’s an update of the latest winning numbers for the 200 Club. 

We hope you will join in! Winners will be contacted. 

                                     1st         2nd       3rd 

November                 91         55         19

October                     10          49         29

September                50          88         39

August                       36          35          39

July                             10          12         81

June                            59          76        56

May                             89          86       47

April                             3           50        5

March                         41          33         5

February                    66          23        19

January                       86         71         52


If you would like to apply, use the form below.