6-13 August 2021   |   Broadstairs, Kent Donate Shop

Dancing Sides

Morris dancers are a mainstay of the festival and relate directly to the origins of the festival as a traditional English dance festival. Their colourful presence dancing out around the town and on the seafront provide one of the iconic soundscapes of the festival – bells! There are lots of different styles and many of the costumes have sound historical reasons for how they look.

Morris sides also help raise funds for Folk Week – please put some money in their tins when you see them dance – it all goes towards the next festival.

If you are a member of a Morris side and would like your side to be involved with Folk Week, please get in touch by email to office@broadstairsfolkweek.org.uk for information and forms.  We are still updating the information to be sent out to you as I am sure you can understand there are a few changes that we need to get right.  We hope to get this done for you next week.  Please put Folk Week in your diaries, Keep Safe!


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