Our Dance Sides

Morris dancers are a mainstay of the festival and relate directly to the origins of the festival as a traditional English dance festival. Their colourful presence dancing out around the town and on the seafront provide one of the iconic soundscapes of the festival – bells! There are lots of different styles and many of the costumes have sound historical reasons for how they look. Morris sides also help raise funds for Folk Week – please put some money in their tins when you see them dance – it all goes towards the next festival.

The following dance sides supported us in 2021

Annimation – North West Clog Tradition – www.annimationclog.co.uk 

Bower Street – Bledington Tradition –  https://www.facebook.com/Bowerstreetmorris –  https://twitter.com/BowerStMorris

Black Swan Morris – http://www.blackswanbordermorris.co.uk/ – https://www.facebook.com/BlackSwanMorris

Cockleshell Clog– https://www.cockleshellclog.org  –  https://www.facebook.com/CockleshellClog

East Kent Morris – Cotswold Tradition – www://ekmm.org.uk/NEW/

Hartley Morris Men and Singers – Cotswold Morris Tradition – www.hartleymorrismen.org.uk /  https://www.facebook.com/hartley.morrismen

Headcorn Morris – Cotswold Morris Tradition http://www.headcornmorris.co.uk or  http://www.facebook.com/theheadcornmorris

Huginn & Munninn – Border Morris Tradition – www.facebook.com/huginnandmuninnmorris

Kitka Bulgarian Folklore Group –  https://www.facebook.com/Kitka2013/?ref=page_internal

Marisco Morris – Cotswold Tradition – 

Madder Mill Molly – Molly tradition – https://www.facebook.com/maddermolly /  http://www.maddermolly.co.uk

Pennyroyal Clog Dancers – English Step Clog – www.pennyroyal-clog.org.uk / http://www.facebook.com/pennyroyalclog

Risking Larks – North West and Leading Lights Morris – Cotswold  https://www.facebook.com/LeadingLightsMorris/

Royal Liberty Morris – Ascot Under Wychwood / Molly Sword Traditions – https://www.facebook.com/groups/16511587834  –  https://twitter.com/Royallibmo

Victory Morris Men – Cotswold Tradition – www.victorymorrismen.org.uk

Wantsum Morris Men – Cotswold Tradition – www.wantsum-morrismen.org.uk

Woodchurch Morris – Cotswold Tradition – http://www.woodchurchmorrismen.co.uk / http://www.facebook.com/woodchurch.morrismen