Friends of Folk Week

If you love Folk Week and want it to continue as it is – one of the few remaining festivals held in a town as opposed to in an enclosed green field site, then please support us.

Maybe you’re one of the local people who invite your friends and family down for the week to enjoy the festival and the atmosphere in the town? Find out below the benefits for you and how it helps us sustain the festival.

Why become a friend

In 2021, we have updated the benefits for the Friends of Folk Week Benefits to fit in with the new Festival programme and time scale. 


If you are not already a Friend of Folk Week and would like to become one, just download the application PDF, fill it in and send it off – or you can join now by clicking the join now button. Alternatively give us a call and we will send you an application. If you have any queries, you can email us.

A true community event

The benefits of a strong Friends’ organisation is more than financial – it sends a message to all of our funders that this festival is deeply cared about by the local community, as well as by the thousands of people who come every year from around the world.