Web applications at Broadstairs Folk Week

At Broadstairs Folk Week we are building web applications to assist with festival management. 

These applications are still under continuous development, but we will release new versions as soon as we have new features to share.

What is being developed?

Workforce Portal

Broadstairs Folk Week depends on its volunteer workforce for the running of the festival. 

We currently use paper forms for potential workforce members to apply to join the festival. This is awkward for volunteers since, depending on the technology they have available, they may need to print out the form, fill it, scan/photograph it, and then email it back to BFW.

We would like to do better.

The Workforce Portal application, under development, will allow potential workforce members to fill out the application on their computer, tablet or phone. They will also be able to upload a photo for their Workforce ID Badge.

Future developments planned, hopefully in time for the festival, will be to give workforce a list of their shifts and contact information for their shift managers.

Vendor Portal

Planned for use ahead of the 2023 festival is the Vendors Portal.

This web app, currently available for testing, allows vendors for the Craft Fair to submit requests for pitch of various sizes and configurations and pay the associated fees.

Why do I see references to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Information you provide or access in our web applications might relate to you as an individual, we therefore need a way of identifying you and authorising your access to information – AKA logging you in.

We didn’t want to ask you to sign up to our applications with yet another username and password. Asking people to remember too many passwords leads to them repeating or using overly simple passwords.

Instead we can make use of services provided by the above companies to establish your identity. They act as Identity Providers.

When you sign into Broadstairs Folk Week web applications using one of the above identity providers we only receive enough information, such as your name and username, to determine you are the same user who previously accessed the application using that same login. We do not access any other information in the Identity Providers, such as your friends and photos, and we do not perform actions on your behalf, such as posting to Twitter.

If you would rather not sign into our applications using an Identity Provider then you can opt to create a username and password specifically for Broadstairs Folk Week web apps.

Note, when you first sign in with an Identity Provider, we will still need to ask for your email address. This is so we can contact you regarding your use of the applications in relation to the festival.

Information Privacy

Since the web applications are concerned with managing your relationship with the festival, it is necessary to store and process information you provide to us through the applications.

All information stored in relation to Broadstairs Folk Week web applications is governed by our Privacy Policy.

We may also use information provided through the web apps to invite you to engage with future Broadstairs Folk Week events, for example as a vendor or volunteer.

Technical information about the web applications

The Broadstairs Folks Week web applications are built by Watford Consulting Ltd., please direct technical enquiries to them.

Source code is available in the Broadstairs Folk Week Github repository here – BroadstairsFolkWeek (github.com). Contributions are very welcome.

As a non-profit organisation, Broadstairs Folk Week benefits from donated Azure credits from Microsoft. We therefore use Azure to host the web applications.

Krystal provides discounted web hosting for charities. We use Krystal for hosting this website and for managing DNS.