6-13 August 2021   |   Broadstairs, Kent Donate Shop


Details of our 2020 workshops will be here soon.

Workshops at Folk Week are very welcoming and a chance to try something new or brush up existing skills. Very often you will find the musicians who are on stage are teaching in the workshops – workshops sound very formal – but they’re not. They are a place to join in and get encouragement in a friendly atmosphere. Some instruments are incredibly popular and have large groups playing together – ukulele springs to mind! Whilst other subjects attract smaller numbers – whatever the make-up of the group – this is a great way to be part of Folk Week and meet some like-minded people.

If you buy an all-in Festival Ticket – they are included in the price. Book in advance online, or you can usually buy a ticket on the door. (Individual event tickets are on sale from 1st May)

There are a whole load of opportunities for young people to take part in their own events too. More details will be added further into 2020 – don’t forget all ages and abilities are welcome and there will be an indication of levels required for each workshop.

If you want to play along……then all around Broadstairs there are venues hosting fun and informal join in sessions for all abilities and ages. This an opportunity to meet some of the performers at the Folk Week – and brush up your musical skills.
Details of our 2020 workshops will be here soon. There will be more information in the Souvenir Programme – which you can pre-order online – just click on the button at the top of the page.

In 2019 our workshops included:

Advanced Guitar Ben Walker
Beatbox Jack Salt
Beyond Beginners Guitars Derek Gifford
Bodhran Evan Carson
Cajon Matt Sullivan
Fiddle Tom Kitching
Flamenco Guitar Matt Sullivan
Folk Orchestra Moonrakers
Harmonica Nigel Feist
Hurdy Gurdy Damian Clarke
Irish Whistle Chris Sadler
Mardi-Gras Carnival Mambo Jambo
Melodeon James Kerry
Mandolin Chris Taylor
New Tunes Pete Shaw
Playaround Banter
Pocket Instruments Jeff Warner
Read Music Pete Shaw
Samba Drums Samba Pelo Mar
Session Tunes Paul Lucas
Singing with Melodeon Pete Coe
Song Writing Liz Simcock
Spoons Thumping Tommy’s
Whistle – English Erin Mansfield
Ukulele Ian K Brown

Appalachian Dance Kay Anderson & Tap Roots
Cajun & Zydeco Dance Kay Anderson
Cotswold Morris The Far Side
Country Dancing Madeleine Smith, Sibby, Rhianwen Davies
Dance Callers Workshops Madeleine Smith
Medieval Dance Tim Walker
Morris Royal Liberty
Russian Dance Tanya Soloviova
Samba Dance Mambo Jambo
Zulu Song and Dance Zulu Tradition

Plus Tai Chi’uan Heather Ausden

Harmony Singing Sarah Westcott
Gospel Singing Jeff Warner
Poet’s Breakfast Simon Vogel, Vicky Chadwick
Sea Shanties Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham
Sing With Alden, Patterson & Dashwood

Workshops events

Key to standard required to gain the maximum from a workshop: