Who’s On When 2020

The festival line-up is taking shape so here’s a look at who’s on when. Many more to be added in the next few weeks.

Week-end – Fri 7th/Sat 8th/Sun 9th

Friday – The Sam Sweeney Band, Tru, Swing the Bridge

Saturday – Breabach, Sean Lakeman & Kathryn Roberts, the Cock and Bull Band, L’il Jim, Brown Boots, Mitchell & Vincent, Nick Dow, Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Sadie & Jay, Megan Wisdom

Sunday    Reg Meuross, Track Dogs, the Rowan Goddel Trio, The Hut People, the Leylines, Bird in the Belly, the Lunatraktors, Glymjack, Copper Viper, Bea Everett, Squeezers’ Special, Girl Talk

And for the rest of the week…

Monday 10th    Tim Edey, Will Pound’s The Day Will Come Show, Tom Kitching & Marit Falt, A J Clarke, Paul Downes & Annie Winter, Bob Kenward’s Around the Bay, Jack’s Ceilidh Night

Tuesday 11th   Trials of Cato, Stepling, Nick Hart, Music Hall night, The Lowly Strung, the John Ward Trio, A J Clarke, Tom Kitching’s Busking Around England, Paul Downes & Annie Winter

Wednesday 12th York/Thorne/Khan, Peter Knight & John Spiers, The Naomi Bedford Band, Banter, Jed Grimes & Niles Kreiger, The Bristol Ceilidh Quartet,John Ward’s Buffalo Bill Show, Hook, Line & Sinker

Thursday 13th Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita, Bill Jones, Fran & Flora, Luke Daniels & the Cobhers, The Flowing, Tony & Lesley Petty

Friday 14th Belshazzar’s Feast, Mazaika, Bill Jones & Sarah Matthews, James Patrick Gavin Trio, Tobias ben Jacob, Banter, the Lost Revellers

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