Terms & Conditions

The general spirit of Folk Week is one of consideration for others. Although we appreciate some people’s need to showcase their prowess on the 3 string guitar at half-past two in the morning – unacceptable levels of noise will not be tolerated.

Please be aware that if we consider your behaviour is threatening the future of the festival at this site – we will ask you to leave. The campsite is not on a green field site away from everyone, it is in a residential area and we like to have happy neighbours.

In 2019, the campsite will be open for Festival Ticket holders from 10.00am on Friday 9th August and close at midday on Saturday 17th August

Only festival ticket holder are permitted to camp
This is not limited to week long tickets. As long as you have a Festival ticket for the day/night you camp, you can camp on the site for upwards of 1 night.

There are no animals allowed on the site
Other than guide dogs. All under 18 year olds must be accompanied by adult Festival Ticket holders on the same booking form. Unaccompanied under 18 year olds will not be admitted. All cooking appliances brought on site must comply with all relevant safety regulations. •  No fireworks, smoke canisters or other dangerous items. •  The campsite is a no smoking zone.

Booking the campsite
We don’t sell camping spaces without Festival Tickets, so everyone who wants to camp must be a Festival Ticket holder. You can camp for just one night, a couple of midweek nights – or a weekend – or a full week – just let us know what combination you would like.

Don’t forget to book!

If you’re thinking of turning up without booking for the campsite – please don’t – give us a call first to make sure there is space.